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119. The Money Advantage Using Infinite Banking In Canada

119. The Money Advantage Using Infinite Banking In Canada

June 14, 2022

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Wealth Without Bay Street EPISODE 119: This episode of Wealth Without Baystreet features Bruce Wehner and Rachel Marshall. Bruce Wehner is the lead advisor of The Money Advantage, where he designs and communicates the individualized solutions that help their clients increase cash flow and financial control. He is a Nelson Nash Institute Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner who has been practicing Infinite Banking since his parents started his first policy when he was a young child. 

Rachel Marshall is the Co-Founder, Chief Financial Educator, and Content Strategist of The Money Advantage. She’s currently writing a book about her near-death experience and how it became the springboard for her family’s multi-generational legacy of more than money. 

Bruce and Rachel are the co-hosts of The Money Advantage podcast, the popular business and personal finance show.


0:00 Introduction

1:38 The Money Advantage - How It All Started

7:00 Grasping A Firm Understanding

11:59 Finding The Right Audience

15:05 Bruce’s Journey With IBC

22:02 Rachel’s Journey With IBC

25:31 Reading And Other Learning Mediums 

30:08 How The Message Gains Traction

33:50 Always Get Back To The Fundamentals

43:50 Dealing With Negative Comments

52:05 Rachel’s Near-Death Experience 


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Rachel Marshall:https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelmmarshall/

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14. Confessions of a CPA

14. Confessions of a CPA

June 5, 2020

There’s no such thing as having arrived in knowledge. You rely on your CPA’S as a trusted advisor but your advisor can only be truly valuable if they are committed to having an open mind and are constantly growing and learning. 

We know the power of compound interest, consider how powerful compounding your knowledge is. Most CPA’s are focused on the short term objectives and it’s a big missed opportunity. We dig in with Bryan Bloom, author of Confessions of a CPA.


Purchase his book here 


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13. He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules

13. He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules

May 15, 2020

Let's talk real estate...

When you can’t get access to the equity in your property, that’s a problem.

When you’re increasing the margin of safety for the lender (the bank) and by proxy, dollar for dollar decreasing your margin of safety, that’s a problem.

When you are permanently transferring money away every single month in the form of mortgage payment and you can’t earn interest or save that payment again, that’s a problem.

Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Are you ready to make a financial change in your life and take control of your own money?

There's a system you can implement that will do just that 

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12. Will You Survive or Will You Thrive? It’s Your Choice | WWBS Podcast

12. Will You Survive or Will You Thrive? It’s Your Choice | WWBS Podcast

April 17, 2020

Today’s episode we have a special guest. Winnie Lau aka “Winnie the Winner”. Winnie has demonstrated herself as a strong leader and is one of the few females in the industry, she’s taken on creating the space for the other female practitioners to grow within a predominantly male-centric industry.  

We talk about the interactive money & banking program she’s built and made available to help parents teach cashflow basics to kids at a young age. This Cash Smarts For Life program gives both parents and kids the ability to make discussions around money both fun and profitable. Winnie also created an action taker platform to help those that have struggled to complete or to update their Will, Power of Attorney and Personal Directives. These programs focus on clients and their families creating and keeping money and good money habits over generations.

A hero to her daughter and to herself during those dark times of uncertainty. She shows us how you can rise up and take control of your life by focusing on constant education.

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11. Get The Truth, Not Just Opinions | WWBS Podcast

11. Get The Truth, Not Just Opinions | WWBS Podcast

April 9, 2020

You want financial freedom? You want the ability to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise?

Then you need to take responsibility and invest the time to understand how money works and not just leave your livelihood on the opinions of the media or advisors that do not have a grasp of the complete picture either. People reach absurd conclusions with limited information. Don’t get caught in that trap. Get the truth, not just opinions

Understand how these financial systems work, get your advisors to show you so that you really understand it for yourself. There is so much misinformation and it’s on each of us to ensure we’re getting the right stuff. Before we make these critical choices.

Today we talk to Todd Langford. Founder and CEO of a software platform called Truth Concepts. Todd has trained thousands of industry professionals on how to use financial software effectively so they are able to see through the garbage that’s out there and empower them to make decisions for themselves and their clients with confidence while fixing the financial stress going on in so many people's lives.

If there is one thing you want to get absolutely clear on, it is why. Why are you wanting to do x? What does that mean in your life? 

If you don’t understand the problem, the solution does not matter. 

This is an episode to dig into if you’re looking for clarity.

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9. How to Create Profit First | WWBS Podcast

9. How to Create Profit First | WWBS Podcast

March 13, 2020

How to turn your business into a money-making machine.

It's difficult enough to run a business with money, let alone when you’re chasing after receivables

Cashflow is always the topic. Whatever business size you are, you need cashflow so you can take care of what you need to take care of and sometimes you’re waiting for cash to come in over long periods of time.

There are those obligations that are due, repeatedly and regularly without fail. Maybe you’re operating off some line of credit and it's been racking up and racking up and racking up. 

You're paying out for all these different things, be it materials, supplies, inventory, or equipment needs. You finally get this big influx of cash and you compress that line of credit down, only to find yourself starting the cycle over again. 

You seem to be getting bigger…

But you're still chasing that cash flow machine. 

That's what happens for a lot of businesses.

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8. Shifting Your Banking Paradigm (Part 2) | WWBS Podcast

8. Shifting Your Banking Paradigm (Part 2) | WWBS Podcast

February 27, 2020

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of this 2 part series. Be sure to listen to it here.

Part 2: Advisors, your role is fundamental but should not be a dependency.

We human beings have an innate proclivity to get hung up on what we see and what we can touch and feel at the expense of the unseen.

Such as the Illustrations, policy statements and increased value, your return on your investment and the dividend you were paid this year.

But what about the unseen that we don’t take into account? They are such an integral part of our day to day life and we must develop our awareness to grasp their importance. 

As advisors, it's paramount to step away from our tendency to want to sell from the illustration. It is only of value if the proper education has been done. Otherwise, it just becomes a source of confusion, dependency and a distraction to whether the client actually understands not only what's on the page, but what this now makes available.   

The value for becoming your own banker is not on that page and if you don't lay the educational foundation first, then what you're doing is purchasing a liability not gaining a client.

Resist the urge to cut corners, not pay your dues, not be a part of the community, not do the work.


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7. Shifting Your Banking Paradigm (Part 1) | WWBS Podcast

7. Shifting Your Banking Paradigm (Part 1) | WWBS Podcast

February 20, 2020

Your need for finance is greater than your need for a death benefit. 

The problem EVERY person in this world faces is that we don’t make enough money, we’re always playing from behind. Our parents didn’t do it and their parents didn’t do it. We have an opportunity to be that change in our family. Why is that?

The average Canadian (and truly any individual in this economic world) has abdicated their financial responsibility. We do not own nor control the banking function that living our lives depend on.

We have become dependent upon the financial apparatus of the world. The commercial banks, the third party lenders, the mortgage lenders, the auto lenders. We’re dependent on them for our capital.

In this episode, we speak to Ryan Griggs who has a bachelor's and masters in conventional mainstream economics and was on track to become a professor as well. Ryan shares about this coming to Jesus moment and what he discovered as he began pulling on the threads of our current financial system.

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6. The Essence of IBC | WWBS Podcast

6. The Essence of IBC | WWBS Podcast

February 15, 2020

Your abilities to build wealth and to become your own banker require a significant investment of time, energy and attention. And understanding how to personally control the banking process will be the most important thing for you to understand.

Like anyone who is aspiring towards excellence, knowing what needs to be unlearned is just as important as what new skills you must develop. Having the right coaches and mentors that know the game you’re playing intimately in your corner to help you stay on course will be critical.

In today’s episode, we dig in on some of the more frequently asked questions we get from people about the process of Infinite Banking.

Got any more questions? Be sure to post them in the comments!

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5. Change Your Mindset - Amazon Reseller Jonathan Proulx

5. Change Your Mindset - Amazon Reseller Jonathan Proulx

February 14, 2020

Do you want to create abundance in your life? Do You want more freedom to do what you want? Then you need to change your mindset.

It’s all about how you think. 

You need to be willing to exchange your most valuable asset (time) for knowledge and then you need to take action. The knowledge will allow you to ask the right questions. With those answers come now the steps you need to take that will move you forward. 

You must understand that there are absolutely NO shortcuts. Knowledge only reveals the understanding of the steps needed. There will still be massive amounts of work involved to take the action and you must be consistent along the way. 

A lot of little steps. This is the secret weapon that will amplify profitability and leapfrog you forward. It will become the ripple effect that creates more opportunities for the good stuff to show up.

On this episode, we have Jonathan Proulx, one of Canada’s top Amazon resellers sharing his journey of moving from oil and gas and towards creating wealth from a computer that began the process of giving him and his team what we all really want more of, and that is the time to focus and pursue what’s important to us. 

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