Wealth Without Bay Street

22. The Power of Policy Loans

August 4, 2020

Taking energy out of the commercial banking system and adding that energy into your own system makes so much sense especially in times like we are facing right now.  Even through a global pandemic, Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policies shines through like a beacon in the night. Once you own one of these fabulous policies, as long as you have a cash balance available, you will never have to “qualify” to gain access to that amount.  During this pandemic, these policies have been even more beneficial to their owners because they’re been able to do things like keep their employees paid, and most importantly, keep their families fed.  Being co-owners of an insurance company, participating in the divisible surplus of the profits of that company on a yearly basis is a way that you’re able to take control of your money while receiving the piece of mind knowing that you’re able to take care of things when needed.  Listen as Jayson and Richard discuss these topics as well as the benefits of owning a completely unstructured loan where you’re able to dictate the terms.


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