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23. Client Series - Experiencing The Power of Infinite Banking

August 11, 2020

Today Richard and Jayson are joined by their friend and fellow Infinite Banker, Fong Chua. Fong is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor,  Business Coach and Podcast Host. He has been his own banker for approximately 9 years now. In those 9 years, Fong has been able to fund his real estate business and also help friends in need with the cash value he accumulates inside of his Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policy. Fong’s passion is to add value to others and help them unlock their true potential. Tune in to hear the trio discuss all the benefits that Infinite Banking brings.


  • [00:07:06] What Role Has The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker Played In Fong’s Journey?
  • [00:13:48] Joint Venture Deals
  • [00:22:17] Most Resonating Aspect Of Become Your Own Banker
  • [00:29:19] Meeting Nelson Nash
  • [00:37:35] The Power Of Coaches


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