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5. Change Your Mindset | WWBS Podcast

February 14, 2020

Do you want to create abundance in your life? Do You want more freedom to do what you want? Then you need to change your mindset.

It’s all about how you think. 

You need to be willing to exchange your most valuable asset (time) for knowledge and then you need to take action. The knowledge will allow you to ask the right questions. With those answers come now the steps you need to take that will move you forward. 

You must understand that there are absolutely NO shortcuts. Knowledge only reveals the understanding of the steps needed. There will still be massive amounts of work involved to take the action and you must be consistent along the way. 

A lot of little steps. This is the secret weapon that will amplify profitability and leapfrog you forward. It will become the ripple effect that creates more opportunities for the good stuff to show up.

On this episode, we have Jonathan Proulx, one of Canada’s top Amazon resellers sharing his journey of moving from oil and gas and towards creating wealth from a computer that began the process of giving him and his team what we all really want more of, and that is the time to focus and pursue what’s important to us. 




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