Wealth Without Bay Street

16. Helping Farmers One Policy at a Time

June 23, 2020

Traditional banking is phasing out quicker than some may think. Thanks to people like Jayson, Richard and Mary Jo Irmen,ordinary,ordinary people are able to do extraordinary things without the high interest and stress that comes with a bank loan.


Mary Jo in particular is on a mission to save the farming industry!  She specializes in farmers and business owners because she grew up on a farm ranch operation and owns a business. She knows firsthand about the struggle to get ahead. She has authored the books "Farming Without the Bank" and "Wealth Without the Bank or Wall Street" to share information with others in an easy to understand format. She teaches how to own the bank, control the money and create wealth without the B.S. of banks or wall street.


Listen as Jayson, Richard and Mary Jo discuss both the positive and negative effects that COVID-19 is having on farmers.


  • [00:03:34] What Inspired her Book?
  • [00:12:33] Biggest Win for Farmers
  • [00:19:24] Most Common Implementations Made by Farmers
  • [00:32:48] Advice from Mary Jo


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